The milestones referenced are attributed to IDA include but not limited to:

  1. Official formation of the Organization, such as Registration (incorporation), obtaining the Federal Employer Identification Number and Tax Exempt 501(c) in the USA;
  2. Establishment of structures starting with Interim Leadership, vibrant Working Committees and now substantive Elected Officers;
  3. Drafted and ratified IDA Constitution and subsequent Amendments;
  4. Renovated the Main Building of Igbere Secondary School, which was handed over to Igbere Community in 20017;
  5. Furnished the 12 classrooms of the main building of ISSI with standard classroom desks;
  6. Developed and launched IDA website known as;
  7. Organized a convention of the Igbere people in diaspora tagged “2019 IDA Convention”;
  8. Restoration of the Igbere Water Scheme;
  9. Awarded contract to rebuild the ISSI Science Laboratory.

IDA was established on March 26, 2017.