This publication is aimed at introducing and informing members of the International Community about the Igbere Development Association, Inc. (IDA).

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IDA EBIRI Supports the Socioeconomic & Infrastructure Development of Igbere

What We Stand For

We the people of Igbere extraction, having come together with oneness of purpose, aspiration and united front, in recognition of our indivisible heritage, love for our community and its welfare, and in recognition of the lack of certain basic needs, do hereby adopt to frequently review and audit our community’s social profile and seek ways we can impact, promote, and develop social initiatives and programs for the development, growth, and welfare of our community; through justice, fairness, integrity, transparency, accountability, and the rule of law.


The purpose for which the ‘Association’ is formed is “To promote charitable, educational and cultural, scientific activities, and to develop and operate community-based services for Igbere people and others, all for the purpose of enabling the people to enjoy the basic rights as all other citizens of the world.”