Just as the Igbere Development Association, Inc., is about to celebrate one year after establishment, the organization has launched a dynamic website known as IDAEBIRI.org.

According to a statement issued by the IDA President Chief Esse Esse, it states:
“When we came together in March 26, 2017 under the name of Igbere Development Association, no one knew how far we will go but the driving principle and/or force was to do something for our people back home in Igbere.

“From March to date, IDA has grown from strength to strength, thanks to the commitment and dedication of all of us and sheer love of our fatherland. One year from inception, I am happy to announce to you all that IDA now has a website: www.idaebiri.org. I wish to thank one of us Ukaegbu Ukaegbu (nwa Ukaegbu Akuma) from Amakpo Igbere for developing this site. I also want to acknowledge Arc. Fidelis Onwubueke and Dr. Anyaogu Elekwachi for their valuable contributions and suggestions in the development of this website. IDA is known to be a symbol of team work.

“With this website the world will learn and know more about us! Moreover, our members in United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Japan and across United States, now have the best opportunity to connect, network, share ideas and great moments.

“Other Igbere people in Diaspora are also welcome to join IDA.

“Please feel free to visit the site. I have checked it out, it’s really beautiful, informative and educational. Thanks to you all.”

Chief Esse
Okaibeya Igbere
Interim President


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